Reasons to Use Your Hot Tub in the Winter

Couple relaxing in the hot tub together.

If you’re looking for a way to relax and improve your health, look no farther than your hot tub. Not only can you enjoy this natural de-stressor from the comfort of home, hot tub therapy can be used all year long, no matter what the weather.

Not convinced? Let’s examine the top four reasons to use your hot tub this winter.

1. It Offers Comfort in the Cold

When the mercury drops well below the freezing mark, your hot tub is the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Simply don a warm winter hat to keep your ears warm and sink into the heated water of your hot tub while enjoying the crisp fresh air.

If you are a winter sport enthusiast, your hot tub offers the perfect way to relax. Whether you spent the day on the slopes or the snowmobile trails, the heated water will thaw out your frozen toes while the jet massage eases tight and sore muscles.

2. It Can Improve Your Health

With cold and flu season in full swing, the frigid temperatures that accompany a New York winter can take a toll on your health. Giving your immune system a natural boost is as easy as incorporating regular hot tub therapy into your routine.

The heat of the water not only improves your circulation, but elevates your white blood cell production. These healing cells are carried through the bloodstream to the parts of your body where germs or toxins are present, making hydrotherapy an ideal way to fight off viruses.  Improved blood flow can also decrease swelling, bringing relief to injured muscles and joints.

3. It Relieves Pain

Shoveling snow, slipping and sliding on icy sidewalks and driveways and white-knuckle driving on slick roads can all take a toll on the body. From elevated stress levels to sore and achy muscles, winter can do a real number on you.

Nightly dips in the hot tub are one of the best cures for cold weather fatigue. Jet massage is the perfect way to ease tension and reduce soreness. As an added bonus, the heated water increases your endorphin production, flooding your body with feel-good hormones. These hormones not only relieve pain, but stress as well.

4. It Enhances Your Relationships

If you’re looking for a way to spend more quality time with your loved ones this winter, a hot tub can help. Spending all of your time indoors is not only boring, it can be downright unhealthy. With a hot tub, every member of the family can head outside to enjoy some quality time together in the fresh air. Just remember to dress warmly on your trips to and from the spa and to wear a toque while soaking.

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