Why Every Outdoor Hot Tub Needs a Gazebo

A&B Gazebo installation

Before purchasing your first outdoor hot tub, a considerable amount of thinking must go into the planning. Will it be used primarily for entertaining or is it for your own private enjoyment? Is it to be a focal point of the yard or hidden discreetly from view? For many who decide to buy a spa, they recognize almost immediately how a hot tub gazebo would be the perfect complement to their oasis. While choosing the location of your spa, be sure to ask yourself how the area may benefit from a gazebo. You may find it opens up the possibilities significantly!

How a Backyard Gazebo Can Enhance Your Hot Tub


Depending on where you live, it may more important to you to have a space that is adequately concealed from nosy neighbors. Despite their good intentions, real or implied, many of us would prefer what we do on our own time on our own property remain our own business.

For this reason, it is a popular choice to indulge in a gazebo for that added level of security. An assortment of wall types, such as screen, trellis, and hedges, can be added and depending on the privacy you desire, grant modest or superior seclusion. Curtains of varying degrees of heaviness can be added for a more romantic design, or complete walls that can be hooked up with electricity and doors that lock may help provide greater isolation from outside viewers while converting your spa into a vacation home away from home.

Protection from the Elements

A gazebo can also be fitted with a secure roof even with open walls that can protect the tub and accessories all throughout the year. This easily allows it to be accessible throughout the seasons, even with heavy snow, for a morning view of a winter wonderland that could take your breath away or keeping you warm and comfortable on a crisp, rainy, fall afternoon. In addition to establishing the protection of your investment, it opens up the ability for you to enjoy it no matter what the temperature may be, so you may benefit from your spa as often as you would like without worrying what the weather is like first. 

Stylish and Modern Aesthetic

As gazebos come in an extensive range of styles and materials, they can greatly accentuate preexisting landscapes to only further enhance the beauty of the yard. Many prefer to stick with traditional wood, which can be stained virtually any shade and is quite durable. Others choose a lighter frame such as vinyl, which is easier to maintain and also cheaper than the upkeep of wood. A gazebo can easily turn your backyard into a beautiful secret garden or a gorgeous rustic mountain retreat with just a little creativity. The possibilities are endless!

Hot Tubs and Gazebos in Amherst

It can be fun to learn about other ways to imagine our yards rather than something that needs to be mowed once or twice a week. If you enjoyed what you read here, be sure to check out our blog. For more information about hot tubs and gazebos, please come by Pool Brite located in Amherst and if you have any questions one of friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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