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Creating your ideal backyard and spa entertainment center is always easier when you get help from the experts! At Pool Brite, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help determine your unique outdoor needs by recommending the best hot tubs for sale to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re adding an amazing spa installation, a screened gazebo, or other essential backyard feature, our experts can help bring your backyard vision to life! In addition to helping select the best products for you, we can also help you maintain them too. Our comprehensive hot tub maintenance services allow you to sit back and enjoy the clean and crystal-clear water in your spa without ever having to lift a finger!

With a rich history dating back to 1818, Amherst is now the largest and most populated suburb of Buffalo, NY. Bordering the Erie Canal, Amherst is home to the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village – a museum dedicated to preserving the history of Amherst. With our showroom nestled in the heart of Amherst, NY, we’re all too familiar with the fluctuating temperatures that can sometimes get in the way of making the most of your outdoor space. Our goal at Pool Brite is to help you create a functional outdoor space that you can use year-round. That’s why we carry a range of products that are not only luxurious, but also durable and reliable enough to withstand the summer heat and winter cold. Our selection of screened gazebos can be a safe haven from the harsh summer sun and bugs, while relaxing in one of our many hot tubs for sale is sure to keep you warm, even in the coldest winter weather! To begin creating your personal outdoor oasis, visit our Amherst showroom today!




  • I bought my hot tub gazebo from Pool Brite. We use our hot tub mainly in the winter months, and it became time-consuming to clear the snow off of the cover every time we wanted to use it, so my husband and I decided to build a gazebo. The gazebos at Pool Brite are really high-quality and come in a variety of styles. It has great ventilation and even helps keep the bugs out during warmer months. Our favorite feature is the built-in bar. It makes it easy to serve snacks and drinks without having to leave the hot tub.

    Stephanie A.

  • Pool Brite has the best hot tubs around. I redid my backyard and wanted to install a small hot tub. Many hot tub stores only carry big models which wouldn’t fit the space I had, but Pool Brite carries a great selection of 2 and 3 person hot tubs to choose from. The sales staff there were extremely helpful and explained the differences in each one and helped me find the best option to fit my yard. I was really impressed with how much the staff knew about the products they sell, and their installation team was extremely quick and professional. I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking to get a hot tub.

    Ken W.

  • I always thought that the best hot tubs were the ones with the most jets. But the experts at Pool Brite helped set me straight. There’s a lot more that goes into a well-built hot tub than just jets. We looked at hot tubs and they explained how it uses different jet types to target specific parts of your body with massage. I came back the following week to wet test the Cambria and I immediately recognized the difference in the jets and how and where they concentrated their power on my back, neck and legs. It felt amazing! I use my hot tub a few times a week now to de-stress and relax and I love it. Thanks Pool Brite!

    Alice & Dave C.

  • The team at Pool Brite is amazing. They are family-owned and truly care about their customers. They always have amazing products and their hot tub prices are very reasonable. We purchased our Artesian Spa from them a few years ago, and still visit to stock up on chemicals every so often. The team always remembers me by name and asks me how my family is doing. It’s this personal touch that sets them apart from most businesses these days, and it’s a big reason why I recommend them to anyone looking for a hot tub.

    Vera F.


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