Ideas to Help You Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Woman soaking in a Sundance Spas hot tub.

Your own private pool or hot tub allows you to turn your yard into an oasis. Here, you can enjoy splashing with friends and family, or relaxing after a hard day of work. There are so many ways in which to personalize and customize your outdoor area, that it may become overwhelming! Here, we have gathered several ideas to help you maximize your enjoyment of your little slice of paradise!


A screened-in gazebo is a relatively easy way to expand your outdoor oasis! A gazebo offers a bug-free place to eat with friends and neighbors, and a place to enjoy your yard without the weather getting in the way. Gazebos come in many colors and styles, so there is one out there to meet your unique needs! Consider using one with your hot tub, to increase enjoyment, even in harsher climates!

Awnings or Umbrellas

With warmer weather on the rise, make sure to include a space in your outdoor oasis to get out of the sun! Nothing will break up a good time like a bad sunburn. Retractable awnings are easily installed and can even be motorized for ease of use! In addition to keeping the sunburn at bay, an awning can allow you to enjoy the outdoors in inclement weather too! Keeping the rain off your picnic is just one of the many benefits to an outdoor awning. If an awning isn’t an option for you, a large patio umbrella can also do the trick!


Maximize your seating area with the use of lawn furniture! Available in sofas, chairs, and even dining sets, these additions to your area will help to seat the guests you can expect. Get creative with your arrangements! The furniture you choose should be waterproof, as this allows them to be placed anywhere!

Heat Source

If you like to enjoy your pool area even in cooler temperatures, consider adding a heat source to your environment. A fire pit, an outdoor fireplace, or even a fire table are great ways to add atmosphere and heat. When used at night, these additions can provide a touch of drama, and impress guests.


Keep hot tub and pool chemicals out of reach of guests and help to protect your pool accessories from the weather. A storage bench can be used to hold pool floats, pool chemicals, or even to store your handy robotic pool cleaner! These benches can also double as extra seating, increasing the capacity of your home oasis. Keeping your accessories out of the elements helps to extend their life and can save you money.

Pool Brite

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