Extend Your Living Space Outdoors

Outdoor hot tub installation

You’ve built, decorated, and created a comfortable and functional home for you and your family. Why let that end once you hit the backyard? You should continue that comfortable and welcoming atmosphere directly into your backyard! With the right hot tub installation plan and backyard design, it will be hard to get the family back inside the house!

Keep reading to see what you might want to include when you extend your living space into the great outdoors of your Amherst backyard!

The Right Backyard Setup

It all begins with the right backyard. You will want to begin with a quality patio, deck, and/or grassy area. All three of these backyard components work wonderfully together to offer a backyard that can equip many sources of entertainment.

Even if you have a smaller backyard, there are many landscape design techniques available to you that can help make the most of your space. For example, have you considered a built-in hot tub installation? Add some stepping stones to and from your patio, deck, or house to the hot tub, and your backyard will have a new sense of functionality with a touch of stylish décor!

Installing a Hot Tub

Installing a hot tub is a two-part process. First, you will need to find and purchase the perfect hot tub for you and your family. Speaking with the spa specialists at Pool Brite in Amherst, NY is a perfect way to start. Our team of professionals can help you explore our wide selection of hot tubs for sale, based on your budget, backyard dimensions, and of course, personal preference.

The next step is having the hot tub delivered and installed. Take some time to plan how you’d like your hot tub installed since there are many different styles available. You can choose to have your hot tub incorporated right into an existing deck or you could opt for to have it placed on top of an interlocked patio to showcase its colourful shell.

Once your hot tub is installed and set up, you are good to go! You and your family can now enjoy countless hours spending quality time together, exercising, relaxing, and even experience a wide variety of health benefits!

Adding a Gazebo

A gazebo can truly take your backyard paradise to the next level of luxurious. Gazebos scream exclusivity and luxury, not to mention the resort-like atmosphere that they contribute to. You can install a gazebo overtop or around your hot tub for added protection from the elements, or place it nearby.

If you prefer a more social outdoor environment, you can create a tiki-style bar area along with your gazebo – complete with outdoor furniture and even a BBQ! Your options are virtually endless.

The Importance of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is essential to just about any backyard. Comfortable seating options, dining tables, and coffee tables provide family and friends with a place to lounge, relax, and indulge in delicious food and drinks. On beautiful days, you can even plan to cook and enjoy dinner outdoors!

Outdoor furniture can especially come in handy if you have a pool or spa. Giving your loved ones a place to lounge while others are inside the hot tub can keep them included within the conversation.


Now it’s time for the finishing touches! Accessorize your backyard paradise with the addition of flower gardens, planters and pots, stylish accent pillows, a TV or sound system, and unique water features! You can even include the installation of a BBQ or fire pit for extra fun, especially during those warm summer nights! We have a wide selection of hot tub and backyard accessories for sale our Amherst hot tub dealership!

The backyard hot tub installation ideas truly go on and on. For more inspiration, take a look at our online hot tub installation gallery! For help finding hot tub for sale in Amherst, contact our experts at Pool Brite today!

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