Automated covers

Automated solutions to cover spas and swim spas



Want to protect your hot tub from the elements, but don’t want to go through the work it takes to remove the cover every time you want to use it? Some hot tub covers and spa covers are quite difficult to put on and take off, but what if all it took was turning a key? You wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning off the cover before opening it or struggling with it ever again. Covana offers a number of hot tub covers that take little to no effort or time to open yet still protect your spa and insulate the waters.

These covers are more than just lids, though. Covana pool covers are designed to keep the water’s temperature regulated so you don’t have to heat it as often, reducing your heating costs, all while providing you with a stylish and modern gazebo area once raised. With a Covana hot tub cover, you’re protecting your investment with a state-of-the-art product that offers high quality safety, intimacy, and maximum comfort.

OASIS hot tub cover in Amherst


Want a hot tub cover that’s more than just a hot tub cover? Then you want the Covana Oasis. This amazing cover also transforms into an amazing gazebo complete with lights and protection from the elements!

When the Oasis cover is closed, it creates a water-tight seal that prevents heat from escaping out of the hot tub. Its insulation value is one of the highest in the industry and lets you jump into the spa almost as soon as the cover opens. In addition to keeping the heat in, it also keeps dirt and debris out. The Oasis Hot Tub Cover is known for a long-lasting and memorable spa experience.

Ready to get in your hot tub? Just hit the bottom and watch the automatic cover lifters do their thing. Within about 20 seconds, the Oasis has lifted up into an elegant gazebo covering your amazing hot tub! Now you can relax in its warm waters and enjoy a relaxing massage. Want some privacy? Just pull down the retractable shades and no one can see anything. Flip on the DEL lighting system and you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub - no matter how late it is.

LEGEND swim spa cover in Amherst


Covana’s Legend hot tub cover is designed to protect your swim spa from the elements while keeping it in perfect condition so you can take a swim or relax at any time. The cover quickly retracts by turning a key and can be operated in many different weather conditions. You’ll never have to struggle with getting a cumbersome swim spa cover off again thanks to the fully automated Legend.

This cover features a higher insulation value than many other spa covers. It protects your swim spa year-round, providing outstanding heat retention while also keeping out dirt, debris, animals, and curious children. When you open up the Legend, it creates a roof to protect you from the bright UV rays and from the weather.

The Covana Legend spa cover is designed to be durable and long-lasting. It has a flexible design that allows it to work with both rectangular and oval-shaped swim spas.



The Evolution hot tub cover by Covana is the ideal solution for a number of different hot tubs. It can work with square hot tubs that are between seven and eight feet in size and with rectangular spas that range from eight foot by nine foot to eight foot by eleven foot. The newest Evolution model can also work with round hot tubs with a diameter of eight feet or less.

The Evolution cover is designed to provide your hot tub with a streamlined look no matter what size of spa it’s covering. This is a great solution to covering your hot tub that is also secure, easy to open, and elegant to look at!


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