Make your health a top priority and make time for yourself. Having a hot tub installation can help you achieve better work-life balance, creating a great excuse to set aside some time for yourself in the heat of the jet-infused water. If you struggle with the symptoms of stress, arthritis, fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, or other physically-demanding conditions on a regular basis, hydrotherapy may be a good option for you.

A warm water massage can be a restorative, therapeutic experience. Since ancient times, people around the world have recognized the healing properties of hot water. The best hot tubs can promote health and wellness with hydrotherapy. With a combination of high-performance jets and advanced seat designs, hot tubs move water in new ways, delivering the following positive hot tub benefits:

Hydrotherapy is a practice that goes back thousands of years and continues into the current day as an effective way to relax, soothe aching muscles and joint pain, and relieve congestion. Water therapy is also used to help speed recovery from injuries and improve circulation. Spending a little time in the warmth of your hot tub each day can lessen the stress on your body, an important factor in maintaining your health. The patented high-volume, low-pressure jetting systems will deliver relaxing reflexology inside the tub. Contact us today and our team of professionals can help you choose your perfect model.

The Health Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Muscles and Joints

Muscles and Joints

Do you know that top athletes often use hydrotherapy on a regular basis to recover from aches and injuries after exercise? The pressure of warm water helps loosen tense muscles and improve blood flow to inflamed and injured areas. Athlete or not, muscle pain and back pain are common problems that come with hard physical work, awkward sleep positions, improper postures, and daily life. No matter how the pain originated, hydrotherapy may be your answer for pain management.
Better Health

Better Health

Using a hot tub on a regular basis can help improve your overall health. Improved circulation, reduced muscle tension and improved flexibility can help reduce risk of injury, strengthen your immune system and help manage the symptoms of many health conditions.

Hydrotherapy can help manage symptoms of:
• Arthritis
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Chronic pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Insomnia
• Anxiety

Many healthcare professionals will also recommend hydrotherapy to help improve the recovery process following a minor muscle or joint injury.
Poor or Irregular Sleep Patterns

Poor or Irregular Sleep Patterns

Good sleep is crucial to your health. If you have a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep, soaking in your hot tub for as little as 20 minutes a day can help ease aches and pains, making it easier for you to get comfortable once you lay in bed. Not only that, the heat combined with the rocking motion of the jet-driven water can help you to relax and your body to prepare for a full, uninterrupted night of rest. Getting enough sleep can help improve weight management, ease feelings of anxiety, improve memory and cognitive ability, and reduce irritability, among many other health benefits.
Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Can’t take your mind off that important work meeting, the number of pending chores or unpaid bills? With so much going on in our lives, stress is unavoidable. There are many natural ways to cope with stress, including physical activity and meditation. Hydrotherapy offers similar relief, while also relieving aches and pains and creating an atmosphere that helps disconnect and slow down. After a particularly long day or week, set some time aside for just yourself and immerse your body into the jet-driven water. Whether you read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, or simply listen to the soothing sounds of nature, this time can help take your mind off of your stress triggers and really unwind. The heat and jets can help to improve your circulation and the natural production of positive endorphins. These endorphins can help to alleviate feelings of pain, anxiety and stress, making hydrotherapy a natural therapeutic stress-combating technique that just about anyone can benefit from. With the incredible hot tub prices of the spas for sale at Pool Brite, you can enjoy even further stress relief, too!

The good news is that you can easily enjoy hydrotherapy in your own home with a hot tub or a heated swim spa. Contact a Pool Brite today for details on hot tubs, hot tub accessories and hot tub chemicals to learn more today. Not to mention, the best hot tub prices around!



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